New Chapter in The Body in Sound, Music and Performance

Hayes, L. 2022. Why should we care about the body? On what Enactive-Ecological Musical Approaches have to Offer. In L.O’Keeffe & I. Nogueira (Eds.) The Body in Sound, Music and Performance. Routledge

The Body in Sound, Music and Performance brings together cutting-edge contributions from women working on and researching contemporary sound practice.

This highly interdisciplinary book features a host of international contributors and places emphasis on developments beyond the western world, including movements growing across Latin America. Within the book, the body is situated as both the site and centre for knowledge making and creative production. Chapters explore how insightful theoretical analysis, new methods, innovative practises, and sometimes within the socio-cultural conditions of racism, sexism and classicism, the body can rise above, reshape and deconstruct understood ideas about performance practices, composition, and listening/sensing.

This book will be of interest to both practitioners and researchers in the fields of sonic arts, sound design, music, acoustics and performance.