Never Fully What It Is...

Never Fully What It Is: Transfeminine Experience Through Digital Sound by Reyna Poonawala

Barrett Honors Thesis & Performance

The full thesis is available via the publications link on this page.

"Never Fully What It Is" is an electronic/pop music performance constructed with the intent of exploring the interplay between digital sound and gender in the context of my own transition throughout the past year. Thematically, the project focuses on issues of emergence and authenticity in the contexts of trans identity and queer feminism, drawing from literature regarding debates about queer assimilation and gendered associations within systems of genre. It aims not to encapsulate the whole of my transition, but rather to focus on the forces shaping it. From a sonic perspective, the techniques used are largely drawn from hyperpop and other experimental and/or queer genres. The resultant performance is an attempt to understand itself, as a digital body and as an encapsulation of how it feels to be young, transgender, and online.