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AI, Music and Improvisation

Lauren Hayes was recently a guest speaker at the pre-conference "AI, Music and Improvisation". This focuses on discussion around AI in music and improvisation, inviting scholars and artists that are experts of these fields, to share their work. The conference will focus on the artistic practices in music using AI and improvisation, which can be considered a collective, emergent organizational process. The ecological, economic and technological crisis we are currently confronted with raises the urgent question of an alternative model of action. The conference will explore the question of whether improvisation can enable a new paradigm in dealing with technology, society and nature in the age of digitalization and AI. Can improvisation offer a practical and theoretical model that meets the challenges of the digital age and reinterprets human-machine interaction through the practice of improvisation? Can an ecological paradigm be derived from improvisation that can replace the classical concept of control and the dualism of mind and matter, technology and nature, subject and object, etc., with a new relationship? Is it possible to derive a new paradigm from improvisation that does not start from separation, exclusion and control, but from relation, inclusion and solidarity? New theoretical impulses from the fields of actor-network theory, new materialism, posthumanism, cybernetics, organization theory, human computer interaction, etc. will be used to take a new look at improvisation research.

More details: here.

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