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New Publication: Site-Responsive Sonic Art

Hayes, L. and Stein, J. 2018. Desert and Sonic Ecocsystems: Incorporating Environmental Factors within Site-Responsive Sonic Art. Applied Sciences, 8(1).

This article belongs to the Special Issue Sound and Music Computing.

Open Access DOI:

Advancements in embedded computer platforms have allowed data to be collected and shared between objects—or smart devices—in a network. While this has resulted in highly functional outcomes in fields such as automation and monitoring, there are also implications for artistic and expressive systems. In this paper we present a pluralistic approach to incorporating environmental factors within the field of site-responsive sonic art using embedded audio and data processing techniques. In particular, we focus on the role of such systems within an ecosystemic framework, both in terms of incorporating systems of living organisms, as well as sonic interaction design. We describe the implementation of such a system within a large-scale site-responsive sonic art installation that took place in the subtropical desert climate of Arizona in 2017.

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